Immidio AppScriber 3 available, with Free edition

Immidio has released AppScriber 3, a new version of their enterprise app store. Besides adding many small improvements, the Enterprise edition has been extended with some major new features.


These are the new features:

  • Customizable user interface, to align with corporate look and feel
  • More extensive workflow (2-level), where you can select users or groups to perform a first approval step of application requests, which — when approved — will then need an additional approval by a second layer of selected users or groups. Workflow settings are configurable per application.
  • More granular control over who sees so-called General applications, to only allow certain groups of users to activate applications without approval.
  • Additional item types, to enable self-servicing for other types of resources, besides applications, which are controlled by Active Directory security groups, like printers or shares.

According to feedback we have received from our customer base, the new features added to our product make Immidio AppScriber 3 a complete enterprise app store for corporate Windows infrastructures.

Immidio now also offers AppScriber 3 Express, a free edition without any user limits or time limits. The following features are not available in the Express edition:

  • User interface customization
  • Managed applications
  • Additional item types
  • Security group filtering on general applications

If you start using the Express edition and want to unlock all features of Immidio AppScriber 3, you only need to install a valid Enterprise edition license file.

Feel free to give Immidio AppScriber 3 a try. After registering on the Immidio website, you can download the Immidio AppScriber 3 installation package and get a free 30-day trial license for the fully functional Enterprise edition or a full license for the Express edition.

Click here to watch the AppScriber 3 Enterprise introduction video.


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