Aqua Connect Offers Customers Two Free Products to Customize Remote Desktop Services for Mac OS X

Aqua Connect announced the availability of two free products for customers: the Aqua Connect Mappable File System and ToolBox.

The Aqua Connect ToolBox is a terminal server command line interface utility program that enables software developers and IT administrators to monitor and/or interoperate with the terminal server facilities of the Aqua Connect Terminal Server (ACTS). IT administrators have the ability to enable configuration and report generation through scripting with the ToolBox. Third-party software providers can also customize ACTS via scripting, allowing for even more innovation and application compatibility in OS X terminal services.

Aqua Connect Mappable File System (ACMFS) is the first file system specifically designed for a terminal server environment. ACMFS enables dynamic data representation and delivery to users and applications. This functionality can allow applications that are not multi-user aware to function correctly in a remote desktop environment. A common practice is to use ACMFS for application restricting based on folder and group options.

Aqua Connect developed these products for IT administrators to be able to customize their OS X terminal server deployment. One of the cost-saving benefits of the Aqua Connect Terminal Server is the ability to enable organizations to adopt the Mac platform to complement their existing IT infrastructure. With the Aqua Connect ToolBox and Mappable File System, organizations have more control of their remote desktop environments and increased flexibility for successful deployments.


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