PowerShell Integration with VMware View Whitepaper

This technical paper covers the integration of VMware View PowerCLI with Windows PowerShell and VMware vSphere PowerCLI.

VMware View PowerCLI cmdlets are provided by a dll, which is installed as part of the VMware View Connection Server (Server\bin\PowershellServiceCmdlets.dll) under the VMware Connection Server installation). This dll, once registered with PowerShell, allows all VMware View PowerCLI cmdlets to be run on the VMware Connection Server.

VMware View PowerCLI cmdlets send requests to the VMware Connection Server, using RPC-like calls to a service running under the VMware View Connection Broker service. As a result, the VMware View PowerCLI cmdlets must be run on a VMware View Standard or Replica Connection Server. However, using the Windows Management Framework (which includes PowerShell 2.0 and Windows Remote Management), PowerShell cmdlets can be remotely invoked from another host. Note that in a remote PowerShell session, you would need to run add-snapin.ps1 to load the VMware View PowerCLI cmdlets.

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