Quest Software Unveils Tools for Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Account Management

Quest Software today released three open beta tools that help simplify Microsoft Azure infrastructure and account management: Spotlight on Azure, Quest Cloud Storage Manager for Azure, and Quest Cloud Subscription Manager for Azure.

As more organizations incorporate cloud solutions into their IT infrastructures, they not only face the inherent complexities of dealing with combinations of on-premise, virtual and cloud architectures, but also the challenge of ensuring they get the most from their cloud investments. Being able to monitor cost and resource utilization, cloud storage, and application performance are critical to maximizing an investment in cloud technology; but, unlike on-premise architectures, these tasks currently are difficult to perform in Azure. Quest’s new tools address these critical areas, making it easier to conduct Azure cost analysis, and smoothing the overall transition from on-premise to cloud-based applications.

Specific capabilities offered by the beta releases include:

  • Spotlight on Azure - provides in-depth monitoring and performance diagnostics of Azure environments from the individual resources level up to the application level
  • Quest Cloud Storage Manager for Azure - provides file and storage management that enables users to easily access multiple storage accounts in Azure using a simple GUI interface
  • Quest Cloud Subscription Manager for Azure - drills into Azure subscription data, providing a detailed view of resource utilization with customized reporting and project mapping

For more information and to download the betas, visit


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