NEC Corporation Signs Worldwide OEM Agreement with Wyse Technology

Wyse Technology today announced the signing of a worldwide multiyear OEM agreement with NEC Corporation. The agreement involves NEC's VirtualPCCenter (VPCC).

As part of the agreement, NEC will be offering its customers two advanced NEC-branded Wyse thin clients with Wyse’s WDM cloud client infrastructure management software, which were developed for and in collaboration with NEC. The two thin client products are US300c and US110c. Both solutions feature a separate graphic accelerator for satisfying performance and user experience and an ultra low-power media system processor that delivers rich multimedia and video playback of up to HD resolution. Both models contain no moving parts and are capable of delivering a long service life-span of between 7-8 years.

Model US300c offers support for Windows Embedded Standard (WES), the next generation of Windows Embedded offerings from Microsoft. It's powerful, extensible and maintains full backward compatibility with previous Windows XP embedded compliant software and hardware. It also includes the latest RDP, ICA and VMware View client support, enhanced security features, advanced multimedia technology support with a Microsoft Silverlight plug-in component that enables the next generation of media experiences, rich interactive applications for the Web on devices that run WES, and local execution of Silverlight and Windows Media Player 11.

Model US110c offers support for Windows CE, features fast start-up powered by a VIA ULV 1GHz processor, and boots in seconds. This model also provides secure user login to corporate networks.

NEC's VirtualPCCenter operates in the same way as a traditional desktop PC, enabling the user to access typical desktop PC applications. Benefits to the user and IT include, improved back up and security of data, enforced endpoint security, and simplified software maintenance. The thin clients that make up the VPCC user desktop will last 7-8 years, on average, far longer than the typical life for traditional PCs. End users experience tremendous freedom and flexibility as they are able to access their desktop environment and applications using any VPCC thin client located anywhere in the world.


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