vWorkspace 7.2 MR1 released

vWorkspace 7.2 MR1 is now available for download! vWorkspace 7.2 MR1 is a maintenance release (MR) for vWorkspace 7.2. This article discusses the new features.

vWorkspace 7.2 MR1 provides industry-first, deep integration and value-add capabilities for the two major technical innovations introduced in Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2: RemoteFX and Dynamic Memory, allowing organizations to unleash the power of RemoteFX and Dynamic Memory!

Accelerate RemoteFX by more than 60%

vWorkspace 7.2 Maintenance Release 1 (MR1) embraces and enhances Microsoft RemoteFX. Using Quest vWorkspace’s patent-pending EOP Xtream technology, the performance of Microsoft RemoteFX can be greatly enhanced when used beyond the local area network (LAN). This expands RemoteFX’s reach, delivering a high-fidelity user experience on high bandwidth network connections in remote locations and branch offices.

Quest vWorkspace 7.2 MR1 can improve the RemoteFX user experience by as much as 62 percent when deployed beyond the LAN, at no additional CPU cost. We've architected vWorkspace 7.2 MR1 in such a way that the RemoteFX acceleration works out of the box, no complex setup or edge applications - just enable EOP Xtream and you are done! Easy for the admin to configure, seamless to the end user.

See the impact that EOP Xtream has on RemoteFX here.

EOP Xtream and RemoteFX.png

dynamic memory integration.png

Maximize the power of Dynamic Memory

Working with the components in the Microsoft VDI Suite, including Service Pack 1 of SCVMM 2008 R2, Quest vWorkspace 7.2 MR1 deploys virtual desktops and fully automates management using Dynamic Memory. By providing deep integration with Dynamic Memory, Quest vWorkspace 7.2 MR1 greatly reduces the time-to-value for customers and provides simplified, consolidated management.

Creating hundreds of new virtual desktops that are configured for Dynamic Memory becomes a breeze with vWorkspace 7.2 MR1. In addition, vWorkspace 7.2 MR1 also makes it extremely easy to reconfigure existing virtual desktops for use with Dynamic Memory to allow you to start to benefit from the power of Dynamic Memory immediately. You can perform these reconfigurations for one virtual desktop or a thousand and on demand or as part of a vWorkspace scheduled task - all from the one vWorkspace Management Console. You can even use vWorkspace 7.2 MR1 to tune Dynamic Memory!

Watch a demo on the integration with Dynamic Memory here.

Simplify RemoteFX Enterprise Deployments

Using sophisticated integration with RemoteFX and System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 Service Pack 1, Quest vWorkspace 7.2 MR1 will accelerate RemoteFX deployment by adding key RemoteFX management capabilities. For example, vWorkspace 7.2 MR1 allows you to:

  • Load balance users across multiple RemoteFX-enabled Hyper-V hosts for complex, multi-server deployments.
  • Enable RemoteFX in seamless applications so you can still enjoy the benefits of RemoteFX when you are not using a full desktop session.
  • Deploy new virtual desktops and configure them for RemoteFX right out of the gate.
  • Reconfigure existing desktops for RemoteFX, all with a couple of mouseclicks.
  • View the display capabilities (Microsoft RDP, vWorkspace EOP or Microsoft RemoteFX) at a glance from the vWorkspace Management Console.

See how vWorkspace 7.2 MR1 simplifies RemoteFX enterprise deployments here.

RemoteFX integration.png

I could ramble on and on about all the other great new stuff in vWorkspace 7.2 MR1 but I will save that for other days. We'll discuss these and all the other great new features of vWorkspace 7.2 MR1 in detail in other blog posts. If you want the details of what changed in vWorkspace 7.2 MR1 now, read the release notes.


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