Delprof2 – User Profile Deletion Tool

Delprof2 is the unofficial successor to Microsoft's Delprof which does not work with operating systems newer than Windows XP.

Here are the main facts:

  • Delprof2 is free to use, commercially or otherwise
  • Delprof2 is syntax compatible to the original Delprof, but more powerful
  • Delprof2 bypasses file system security to delete profiles regardless of current permissions/owner (requires backup/restore privileges)
  • Delprof2 supports very long paths (longer than 260 characters)

What Does it Do?

Delprof2 deletes inactive user profiles. If you want to reclaim disk space just run it without parameters and it will delete all profiles except your own and some special profiles needed by the operating system (like "Default").

Delprof2 has additional filtering options: you might want to delete locally cached copies of roaming profiles only or delete only those profiles that have not been used in a specified number of days. Delprof2 does it all, both on the local system and remotely.

Special Features

Bypassing Security

User profiles often have permissions set on them in such a way that not even administrators have access without prior ACL manipulation. Delprof2 circumvents this requirement by making use of backup and restore privileges to analyze and delete even the most tightly secured profiles.

Long Paths

Some programs store files in paths with more than 260 characters. Most tools cannot deal with such paths that are longer than the value of MAX_PATH (260). Windows Explorer is a prominent example. Delprof2, on the other hand, makes use of special APIs to be able to delete files in the remotest areas of your hard drive.

Syntax and Examples

The program's help screen describes the available options in detail:


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