Citrix Acquires of Kaviza: Why? Any Good?

It should be no surprise that Citrix has acquired Kaviza. My take is very simple. XenDesktop is way to complex for smaller companies. Kaviza isn’t and XenDesktop can’t reasonably be dumbed down to a SMB version.

Having said that, people should be aware that Kaviza is not XenDesktop-light. It is a completely different product. Sure, some stuff has been licensed like HDX, Secure Gateway and UPM but that does not make a product. In fact, it kind of kill the Kaviza one-button charm. It will be interesting to see how this goes. Traditionally , products like VMware View and Quest vWorkspace have been more popular in smaller environments because of their lower complexity. Will Kaviza make Citrix make a play there as well? I think it will, but it remains to be seen if it will have the ‘XenApp effect’ . I doubt it. But that is just my personal expectation.

Here’s the press release should you care:

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