Excellent Windows 7 IOPS Whitepaper

IOPS have – finally – been recognized as the most important ‘factor’ in VDI sizing. Jim Moyle, who now works for Atlantis Computing (and sell THE IO proxy product today) has published a great whitepaper on the subject.

Windows 7 and IOPS is the most challenging, least understood and most frequently encountered resource bottleneck that stalls todays desktop virtualization projects. Many of these projects are Windows 7 migrations which are one of the key IT initiatives which are driving VDI adoption today. However, many IT organizations planning a Windows 7 migration with VDI are unaware that the combination of Windows 7 and Anti-virus more than doubles the amount of memory and IOPS required per desktop compared to Windows XP, which will significantly decrease virtual desktop density per server and will degrade virtual desktop performance. As a result, the storage architecture is often undersized for Windows 7. This leads to desktop performance and budgeting issues when more storage is required to fix the IOPS bottleneck. In the document below I have tested the IOPS resource requirements for Windows 7 in different situations giving the enterprise architect the information needed to correctly size storage for Virtual Desktop projects.


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