Ericom Announces AccessNow – HTML5 RDP Client

Ericom announced the beta version of Ericom AccessNow™, their pure HTML client providing access to applications and desktops running on Windows Terminal Services / RDS / VDI platforms.

Running entirely within a browser, AccessNow works natively with Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer (with Chrome Frame plug-in), Firefox and any other browser with HTML5 and WebSockets support.

Ericom AccessNow takes advantage of HTML5 technology and Ericom’s acceleration technology to deliver high-performance access to Windows applications and desktops, from any place and almost any end-user device. The acceleration technology is a result of Ericom’s innovative research that led to the Ericom Blaze solution which offers high performance access to desktops and applications running on RDS (Terminal Services) and VDI from native clients on desktops and mobile devices.

Ericom AccessNow is designed for maximum flexibility and ease of deployment. Remote users requiring the fastest performance should consider Ericom Blaze, as Ericom Blaze native clients are up to 10x faster than the standard native Microsoft RDP client.


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  1. I tested AccessNow but I prefer ThinVNC Access Point. ThinVNC works with any browser (FF 3.6.*, IE7-IE9, Safari) and It could be installed on a Linux distribution (using wine) to access to any RDP server on your LAN.

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