VMware View 5 details emerge

The next version of VMware View will have better PCoIP performance, more client device support,a storage management feature similar to Citrix IntelliCache and -- finally -- integrated profile management.

A VMware View integrator based in New England who is privy to company details said VMware View 5 will have a storage management feature similar to Citrix IntelliCache. Storage costs and performance issues plague virtual desktop customers, so this would alleviate those issues.

Sources close to VMware also said Virtual Profiles will be part of the View picture later this year, but the functions will be limited. Specifically, it won't include the desired Windows XP to Windows 7 profile compatibility.

That means many VMware View shops will still need to buy third-party profile management tools. VMware endorses Liquidware Labs profile management product, and Liquidware offers its ProfileUnity product at a discount intermittently for View customers. The company's profile management offering does much more than the Virtual Profiles management tool VMware acquired from RTO Software in 2010.

VMware declined to comment on View 5. However, IT pros expect the company to disclose the product's advances at VMworld 2011 in August.


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