Appsense Environment Manager 8.1 New Features

Descriptions and benefits of the new features in Appsense Environment Manager 8.1

New Modular Architecture Design

A completely redesigned foundational architecture to prepare the User Virtualization Platform for the next stage of customer growth, rapid addition of new features, and future expansion into the cloud, mobile, and tablet computing.

These changes improve performance, scalability, and reliability. Moreover, by shifting to a modular architecture, AppSense will greatly accelerate the development of new product features in response to customer feedback while preserving the integrity of the core platform through focused quality assurance testing.

Expanded Policy Capabilities

The improved architectural flexibility in AppSense Environment Manager 8.1 has already yielded a collection of new Policy Conditions and Actions designed to enable even greater flexibility and control for IT administrators.

Advanced Administration and Management Tools

This latest release includes a number of new administration and management options designed to simplify initial implementation and ongoing management of complex desktop environments. Enhancements have been made to Roaming Certificate Support and both Desktop Settings & Session Data.

Based on customer and partner feedback, AppSense Environment Manager 8.1 includes a greatly expanded suite of advanced administration tools and utilities. The popular Configuration Assistant tool has been enhanced with new capabilities, and a number of new tools have been added.

End User Experience

AppSense Environment Manager 8.1 has significant improvements to the desktop logon and logoff experience. User logon and logoff times have been further reduced as configurations can be processed in less time with less resource consumption and AppSense actions and notifications are more integrated into the operating system.


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