vWorkspace MokaFive Suite v3.7 Released

Quest has released version 3.7 of their MokaFive suite. This article details the new features.

  • Improved Installer and Configuration Wizard - The server installer now automatically installs all required components and performs extensive error checking to prevent misconfiguration. Additionally, the management console now includes a wizard to walk the administrator through all the required configuration steps including license activation, AD integration, manager (user) account setup and client pack upload.
  • Database Migration - Customers who are using the embedded (Derby) database can now migrate to Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Improved Guest Tools Installation on Windows 7 – When installing the MokaFive Guest Tools on Windows 7, all of the prerequisite software (VMware Tools, MokaFive Guest Tools, MokaFive Printing Tools and RedMon are automatically installed)
  • Revamped Documentation
  • Mac OS X Lion (10.7) Support - The Player is now officially supported on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).
  • Juniper VPN Support - The Player now allows users to be able to login to a LivePC using a Juniper VPN login.
  • Fast Authentication - A Player policy is now included that speeds up log on times by using the off-line Player log-on process.
  • BareMetal Player Improvements – Support for Intel SandyBridge processors and support for multi-core processors utilizing up to 8 cores (if available) is now provided.


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