Virtual User Environment Manager Review

Wilco van Bragt has reviewed the new, free user environment product called VUEM (Virtual User Environment Manager ).

Pierre Marnignon well-known from his website CitrixTools.Net and the corresponding freeware utilities now created a product called Virtual User Environment Manager. The Virtual User Environment Manager (VUEM) is available in a free community edition and a commercial edition for support, quicker updated and possible new specific features. VUEM is a product that is positioned in the user management/workspace market. The product is divided in several components. The basis is a (SQL) database which is created and configured via the Management Console. The third component is available in two flavors a VUEM Agent and a VUEM Service Agent. The VUEM agent is the required component. This can be run in a silent (cmd) mode or with a user interface (providing the user the possibility to manage his printers and stays active after launching).  This cmd agent provides the basic configuration options and you need to arrange the startup and also the agent closes after the configuration is finished.  The agent service is optional and provides the automatic start-up of the standard agent, the possibility of offline usage, relaunch at reconnection and the more advanced features discussed later in this article.

Virtual User Environment Manager should be positioned between the Microsoft GPO Preferences option and a commercial Workspace Management product. In comparison with GPO Preferences offers some additional functionality like the process-, CPU and Memory management and a (much) more flexible way of assigning application shortcuts and settings arranged by the rules and conditions. This component is a real added value, which is only available in commercial Workspace Management products (as far as I know). You should get familiar with the way settings are applied although this way is seen in other (commercial) products; I personally like the other methods a bit better. In comparison with commercial products you will miss features like a hybrid profile solutions, policy to apply Microsoft user policies out of the product, delegation of control and more flexible configuration for the CPU, process and memory features.

VUEM is a perfect product to replace the difficult login scripts and a nice start to become familiar with the Workspace Management environment.


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