Complete list of new View 5 features

Even though the release notes are not available yet, here is the list of the new features in View 5 because it can be hard to read between the marketing lines.

  • View Media Services for 3D Graphics enables basic 3D applications in View desktops without like Aero, Office 2010 or those requiring OpenGL or DirectX without the need for specialized graphics cards or client devices.
  • View Media Services for Integrated Unified Communications enables and integrated VOIP and View desktop experience for the end-user with an architecture to provide optimized performance for both the desktop and unified communication.
  • View Persona Management (View Premier editions only) dynamically associates a user persona to stateless floating desktops. IT administrators can deploy easier to manage stateless floating desktops to more use cases while enabling user personalization to persist between sessions.
  • PCoIP Extension Services allow WMI based tools to collect over 20 session statistics for monitoring, trending and troubleshooting end-user support issues.
  • PCoIP Optimization Controls deliver protocol efficiency and enables IT administrators to configure the bandwidth settings by use case, user or network requirements to consume up to 75% less bandwidth.
  • PCoIP Continuity Services deliver a seamless end-user experience regardless of network reliability by detecting interruptions and automatically reconnecting the session.
  • View Client for Android enables end-users with Android based tablets to access View virtual desktops.
  • Enhanced Security Settings enable client certificate handling customization using established browser certificate model to reinforce corporate policy.
  • vSphere 5 support ensures that View desktop services run on the industry’s most complete and robust cloud infrastructure platform for flexible, reliable IT services.

That’s all she wrote…

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