Quest launches new product: Foglight for Virtual Desktops

Quest Software recently released a new product that provides monitoring and diagnostic for virtual desktops.

Foglight for Virtual Desktops provides rich visualisation and diagnostics for your vWorkspace environment. By showing you how the environment fits together – all the way from users, through brokers to the RD Session Hosts/Terminal Servers and hosted VM-based virtual desktops – you can see your virtual desktop landscape holistically.

Here's an example (below). At the top of the screen we see summary information from connectivity servers (top left) through brokers & supporting servers (center) to Terminal Servers and (hosted) Virtual Desktops. Shown in the center of the screen are all powered-up desktops in the desktop group “FieldEngineers”.


Additionally, Foglight for Virtual Desktops provides meaningful alerts – including which users are impacted by issues. With this unique capability you can prioritise issues, by starting with the ones that affect the most users, or ones which affect a particular user.

Below you can see the list of current issues in the environment (top panel), listing which users and sessions are affected by the selected problem (bottom two panels):


Foglight for Virtual Desktops also allows you to dive into individual servers or desktops to see detailed status/configuration/performance information. Here’s a detailed look at the insides of a single server (this happens to be an RDSH, which is suffering from paging problems caused by memory exhaustion):


The result of this correlation and visualisation is a dramatic reduction in the mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) of performance or availability problems, coupled with reduced operational costs and enhanced user satisfaction.

Foglight for Virtual Desktops is easy to evaluate! Simply download your free trial copy at The (embedded) trial key gives you full product functionality for 15 days, after which the product will ask for a license. Not ready for a trial? View a demo, take a brief screenshot tour, download collateral and guides... and get a feel for the product.


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