Teradici Announces APEX 2800 PCoIP Server Offload Card for VMware View VDI Deployments

Teradici announced the APEX 2800 server offload card for VMware View deployments, claiming the ability to reduce CPU utilization and increase VDI consolidation ratios.

The APEX 2800 is specifically designed to offload PCoIP image encoding from the server CPU, significantly reducing CPU utilization. Testing has benchmarked the following two benefits:

  • The APEX 2800 increases the consolidation ratio per server by at least 1.4 times in an environment where even as little as 5% of users’ displays require high refresh rates such as browsing quickly through a PDF document or watching a video
  • The APEX 2800 reduces the CPU usage of peak users engaged in activities like watching a video by up to 50%, protecting and ensuring a consistently high level of user experience at the desktop, ultimately enabling IT managers to deploy VDI without having to worry about unpredictable CPU processing demands

The APEX 2800 server offload card dynamically offloads the 64 most active displays. It can also be configured to give priority offload to up to five user groups. Fully integrated into the VMware View Administrator, the APEX 2800 server offload card is easy to manage, providing the perfect companion for any VDI deployment using VMware View.

Currently only available to Teradici’s OEM partners for validation on their server solutions, the APEX 2800 will be commercially available in December through Teradici distribution partners including EVGA in Canada and the US. For further information on product availability and how to purchase, visit

The APEX 2800 server offload card accelerates PCoIP image encoding by offloading this task from the CPU to a dedicated processor on a half-length, full-height PCI Express card. APEX 2800 is an easy to implement and cost effective solution for VMware View VDI deployments that decreases CPU utilization of peak users by up to 50% and enables VDI consolidation ratio improvements of at least 1.4 times with even as little as 5% peak users. Most importantly, APEX 2800 protects and ensures a consistently high level of user experience by managing unexpected peaks in PCoIP encoding demand and headroom leaves the CPU to run applications better.


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