New Beta of vWorkspace PowerShell Module – complete integration PowerShell integration with SCVMM and VMware

Quest has released a new Beta of the vWorkspace PowerShell module. Here is what is new:

you can now use the vWorkspace PowerShell module (amongst other things) to:

  • Import virtual desktop templates, snapshots, parent VHDs, VMware Datacenters, SCVMM Clusters etc.
  • Add vWorkspace licenses
  • Manage vWorkspace Sysprep configurations

With the functionality that already was in the vWorkspace PowerShell module combined with the vWorkspace unattended installation options, you can now deploy and fully populate a vWorkspace farm with desktops completely automated!

Here’s the full list of all the new CMDlets:

Please note that the functionality of the Import-QVWComputer (7.2.303.0043) has been moved to the Add-QVWComputer (7.2.303.0255) for physical computers. As you can see this is Beta 1. We are planning to do a Beta 2 which will add support for Parallels.

The new beta version of the vWorkspace PowerShell can be downloaded here:

x86  vWorkspace PowerShellmodule
(build 7.2.303.0255)

x64  vWorkspace PowerShellmodule
(build 7.2.303.0255)

Full documentation on the module can be found here:


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