RES Software Launches Test Drive of RES Virtual Desktop Extender

RES Software  announced that users can now evaluate the capabilities of RES Virtual Desktop Extender (VDX) firsthand in a cloud-hosted test drive.

Launched in early 2011 as a standalone solution, VDX seamlessly enhances remote and virtual desktops with applications that run locally, making use of the underlying processing power, graphic capabilities and peripherals of the local computer.

The online test drive of VDX will allow users to easily evaluate the capabilities of VDX through their own device acting as a remote desktop client, demonstrating how it enhances interoperability with leading virtual desktop solutions, including VMware View, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, and supports PCoIP protocol. The test drive only requires that users install the lightweight VDX plugin.

Through its ability to merge local applications into remote or virtual desktops seamlessly — side-by-side remote applications in a single desktop experience —VDX allows IT to deliver a single workspace for end users, while optimizing the local computing resource on an application-by-application basis. VDX offers IT the flexibility to optimize for different applications, determining if it makes the most sense to run them locally or in the data center. For example, desktop and VDI administrators can choose to host data-centric or sensitive applications in the data center, while simultaneously allowing users the freedom to run local applications. IT is able to control what data can and cannot move between the local and remote sessions.

“Across all industries, users require access to processor- and graphic-intensive applications like AutoCAD, Photoshop, medical imaging, and VoIP/video conferencing from within their remote and virtual desktops, limiting the widespread adoption of desktop virtualization for many organizations,” said Bob de Kousemaeker, Principal Product Manager, RES Software. “RES VDX helps overcome that challenge, and is proving to be a core requirement for many of today’s virtual desktop deployments.”

VDX completely integrates with RES Workspace Manager, the company’s flagship product, to provide IT optimal management over local and remote applications and the ability to provide users with personalized and context-aware dynamic desktops.

For additional information about VDX, visit, and to register for the test drive, visit


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  1. Michael,
    Thanks for the article about VDX and the Test Drive. We are seeing that having reverse seamless capabilities in any VDI or Remote Desktop implementation is becoming a “must have” technology. VDX is designed to add this to all the popular VDI and RDS solutions.

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