Despite all the HP drama–HP Thin Clients will continue to be business as usual

Yes, there’s a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt regarding the fate of HP’s PSG division, but all is not doom and gloom within the halls of HP.

“I spoke to HP’s Jeff Groudan, director of worldwide thin client product marketing for HP’s Desktop Solutions Organization, who gave the lowdown on the future of HP’s thin clients, the channel and some hints on the future of PSG. In fact, HP partners might actually have something to look forward to amid a spinoff …

If you didn’t know already, HP’s thin client group is a “mini business unit” inside of HP’s PSG. But no matter what happens, Groudan said the thin client division’s strategy will continue as planned, “spinoff or otherwise.” And despite all the speculation on the future of PSG and thin clients (and Wyse’s jab that HP customers may be ‘confused’) Groudan said “… the business is performing at a high level and we’re not seeing any fallout.”


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