Texas Instruments announce RemoteFX-on-a-Chip products

At CES2012, Texas Instruments showed off a lot of stuff, including their implementation of RemoteFX-on-a-Chip.

But their OMAP platform isn’t just limited to RemoteFX. Check it out:

TI's advanced enterprise applications, involving concurrent use cases, leverage some unique and differentiated OMAP platform features including:

  • Smart multicore architecture, allowing concurrent operation of applications within a mobile power envelope
  • IVA-HD-accelerated video encoding and decoding (includes H.264 and other formats)
  • On-chip security-accelerated remote management
  • Multi-display output capability including a desktop-comparable multiple WUXGA (1920x1200) display output

Splashtop Remote Desktop The Splashtop® Remote Desktop enables users to turn a common tablet into a fully-functional PC or Mac, while also using touch gestures to control popular desktop applications.

"Enterprises are flooding with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scenarios. It's critical that our market produce a viable remote desktop solution that can make those devices useful, professional-grade tools—with the right features, flexibility and processing performance. We aim to do that with solutions like Splashtop Pro and optimization on the OMAP4460 processor," said Mark Lee, CEO, Splashtop. 

RemoteFX VDI For ultimate portability and mobility, the OMAP4460 processor-powered Microsoft® RemoteFX™ experience delivers VDI desktop capabilities and Android applications on a single device. Backed by cloud-based system management, users experience an out-of-office continuity of all desktop and phone services, as well as quick office setup or expansion.

Multi-Party HD VTC Real-time collaboration is essential to business success today, as colleagues travel and reside around the world. Real-time, HD collaboration is made possible via Ittiam's multi-party HD enterprise video conferencing solution. Taking advantage of OMAP platform differentiated features, users can now meet with multiple teammates in HD video, while simultaneously sharing, exchanging or editing documents. Ittiam's proprietary Bridge architecture enables this use case without the need of a dedicated multi-point control unit.

"We're committed to pushing the envelope on enterprise-grade video communications, and TI's OMAP 4 platform is just the right choice to support our efforts," said Sattam Dasgupta, vice president, video communication and networking business, Ittiam Systems. "The processor's media processing power and rich peripheral support will let OEMs bring to market a compelling enterprise experience. 1080P video conferencing with concurrent desktop virtualization is just one of the demonstrated examples possible."

Concurrent PCoIP VDI and HD Video Conferencing One OMAP4460 processor-based tablet creates the ultimate office experience by driving two screens for increased productivity.  One screen (the VDI screen), powered by Teradici PCoIP Optimized software client running on OMAP, runs a virtualized enterprise-quality Windows session. The second screen runs a full Android session, including a 1080P video conferencing client, powered by Ittiam.


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