Reducing Profile Size with a Profile Clean Up Script

The amazing Aaron Parker has released a script that helps you limit the growth of a (roaming) profile.

As far as I can tell this would work with vWorkspace managed user profiles as well, although I think the need for it is a lot less dire Glimlach.

Windows profiles become larger over time – it’s an inescapable fact. This means that if you are using roaming profiles, logons (and logoff) will be longer and longer. It’s not just individual file sizes, but also the number of files stored in a profile that will make the synchronization process slower.

One approach to reducing profile sizes is to exclude certain folders. A better solution is to ditch roaming profiles and use a third-party solution to manage roaming of the user environment.

However, there will still be folders that need to be roamed to maintain the experience that users expect when moving between devices (i.e. consistency). For those folders we can implement some maintenance to keep them at a manageable size – that is remove files that are not needed in a roaming profile (e.g. log files) or delete files older than a specific number of days.


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