Hyper-V 3.0 guide: Dissecting the next Microsoft hypervisor

Supposedly Hyper-V 3.0 will be the first virtualization platform to truly challenge VMware, according to users and pundits who have tinkered with the next Microsoft hypervisor.

Hyper-V 3.0 was first previewed at the Build 8 conference. Since then, virtualization enthusiasts have dissected the Hyper-V 3.0 and discovered several enhancements and additions, which include the following:

  • scalability upgrades for virtual machines (VMs), hosts and clusters;
  • redesigned live migration; and
  • support for extensible virtual switches.

For a closer look at Hyper-V 3.0’s under-the-hood changes, check out the following news, tips and articles on the next Microsoft hypervisor.

  • Hyper-V 3.0 to feature major virtualization scalability improvements
  • Hyper-V Replica: New VM replication tool for cost-conscious IT shops
  • Spotlight on Hyper-V 3.0 high availability and redundancy
  • Hyper-V 3.0 shared-nothing live migration a boon for small shops
  • What the Cisco Nexus 1000V means to Hyper-V virtual networking


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