24Jan/120 Browser Sandbox Lets Users Run Popular Web Browsers With No Installs today announced a major update to its Browser Sandbox.

The Browser Sandbox allows multiple versions of browsers to run simultaneously with no installs. The latest version of the Browser Sandbox adds support for the latest versions of all major web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. In addition, now supports testing of mobile browsers such as Firefox Mobile and Opera Mobile as well as pre-release browsers such as Firefox 10 Beta, Firefox Aurora, and Chrome 17.  The Browser Sandbox is available online at .  Available as both a web-based service and on-site server, allows software publishers, enterprises, and schools to deploy and manage desktop applications instantly to any user with an Internet connection. runs applications in isolated "sandboxes", allowing applications to run side-by-side without conflicts, dependencies, or modifications to the host desktop.'s unique hybrid client/server virtualization technology combines the convenience of web-based delivery with the performance and robustness of local execution.


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