Windows Intune in a VDI environment?

Can I use Windows Intune in a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environment? This article answers the question. Kind of.

Windows Intune is the Microsoft desktop management Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, which means all the server components run in Microsoft data centers, with no infrastructure needed at a company’s data center. The only requirement for Intune is a small client installed on the desktop OS.

Windows Intune is supported in virtual environments. It runs in virtual instances (such as XP Mode or just another client OS) on a physical desktop OS and is also supported for client OSs running in a data center virtual environment, which is common with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environments.

Remember that you can’t run Windows Intune on any server OS, so you can’t install it on Hyper-V, nor can you use it on session-based virtualization products such as Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH--formally known as Terminal Services).


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