Troubleshooting VMware View 5 – Part 1

This post tackles the most common failure points in VMware View 5 and talk about the best ways to troubleshoot them when issues arise. You can learn a lot in the process.

The failure points we’ll review include:

After learning about the different points of failure you should look out for, we’ll take a look at the connection procedures for connecting a user to a desktop and how linked clones work, which will help you troubleshoot vmware view issues related to your composer-based pools. In part 2 we’ll get our hands dirty with some real-world examples on troubleshooting problem desktops in VMware View 5.

In the video, from TrainSignal’s new VMware View 5 Training <insert link to training>, VMware vExpert Brian Knudtson will explain the concepts and walk you through the troubleshooting procedures. But everything is also outlined below, so watch the video and review the article below for maximum effect.

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