Ins and Outs of IOPS

In this white paper "Ins and Outs of IOPS", VKernel (now part of Quest) Senior Systems Engineer Brad Bonn discusses the strengths and weaknesses of using IOPS as a measure of storage performance.

In Brad's experience, disk performance seems to have traditionally been measured in how many acronyms you could list as present in a solution. In filling the need for better metrics on storage performance, IOPS has become a commonplace term in determining shared storage capabilities. In this white paper, Brad discusses the benefits and pitfalls of focusing on IOPS, and how storage I/Ois an often over-simplified topic. He provides a deep dive into:

  • Shared storage fundamentals
  • Links in the chain of storage
  • IOPS as a measurement of disk I/O
  • Making the most of IOPS


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