Wyse Announces Mobile Cloud Service Offering, Gives Users Simple and Secure Access to Content and Applications Anytime, Anywhere

As a result of their Trellia acquisition, Wyse announced a product family that redefines content management from the cloud to include both content and apps on one’s own devices and in the public cloud.

The Wyse vision is to enable users to enroll any of their devices into their personal cloud and automatically enjoy new abilities to search, view, edit, organize, and share across mobile devices, computers, and cloud services. Consumers can integrate both work and personal devices and computers into their own personal cloud, giving them complete anytime, anywhere access to both applications and content.

The Wyse PocketCloud family now consists of PocketCloud Remote Desktop and PocketCloud Pro Remote Desktop, PocketCloud Explore, and a new PocketCloud Web app and service (entering limited beta). Wyse PocketCloud Web will serve as the center of a constellation of mobile clients, both native and browser-based — with cloud storage and rich browser support that enables users to take personal content management to the next level. Users will easily assemble their own secure personal cloud with a unified view across computers and the Web to access, manage, and share documents, music, videos and images, and run their favorite applications.

As an example of how this can be used, an iPhone user on-the-go wants to find a photo from a recent trip to share with friends, but is unsure whether it’s on her home Mac, Home Theater PC or office VDI desktop. She logs into Wyse PocketCloud Explore on her iPhone and connects to her personal cloud containing all three computers, then enters a search term to find which computer contains the photo. The photo is found on her home Mac, but she notices that the people in it have red-eye, so she opens Adobe Photoshop and edits the photo. She then posts it to her Wyse PocketCloud “Cloudbin” Web storage and shares it through Facebook.

In addition to the convenience of the Wyse PocketCloud personal cloud blending a user’s computers and cloud storage, it also offers security benefits.  While having access to public cloud storage is convenient, some users have files that are too sensitive to put out there and others that are too large or too costly, like an entire music or photo collection. Wyse PocketCloud lets you choose what goes into the public cloud and what stays on your computers while giving you full access to both, putting your entire digital life at your finger tips from wherever you are.

Key Features of the Wyse PocketCloud family include:

• A variety of easy setup options supporting industry standards
• Run Windows and Mac apps and access virtual environments from iOS and Android devices
• User interface optimized for smartphones/tablet screens and multi-touch interfaces
• Unsurpassed authentication and encryption security
• High performance remote desktop app and file access over 3G/4G as well as WiFi
• Search or browse all your computers simultaneously to find any file
• Copy and move files among your computers and cloud storage
• Download, print and e-mail files on your computer
• Share files directly from your personal cloud through Facebook, Twitter, or email
• Play multimedia content from desktops and servers, even over 3G/4G
• Download/upload files between mobile devices and remote computers
• Two gigabytes of free cloud storage

Wyse PocketCloud, available since August 2009 in the Apple App Store and August 2010 in the Android Market, has seen over 2.3 million downloads and has been a consistently top rated and ranked app. The Android version is also available through the Wyse Volume Purchase Program and has provided internal users and customers of companies like T-Mobile, NTT, and SoftBank Mobile with productivity-enhancing access to remote applications files. Wyse PocketCloud has also received accolades as a featured app in the Apple App Store and as a Google “Top Developer”, as well as an Appy Award, Mobile Merit Award, and Best App Ever awards in several categories.


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