Quest vWorkspace 7.5 Feature Spotlight: Managed Application Custom Properties

Another new feature in vWorkspace 7.5 is the ability to add custom properties fields for managed applications. vWorkspace Management Console now supports up to five custom properties. This is beneficial for easier organizing, filtering and sorting of the application list in the Management Console.

Also the new columns – Volume and Template – have been added to the vWorkspace Management Console. But this will be covered in detail in another dedicated Feature Spotlight article here. So watch out for it in the next days. How to use this new feature ? Here is step-by-step guide:

  1. Right-click on Managed Applications under Resources and select Properties


2. In the Properties pop-up select Custom Properties. You can enter Property names by just typing in the field or hitting F2. The values you enter will appear in the column headers in the applications views, and enable you to sort and search by those values.


3. Next step is to enter custom values in the properties of a specific managed application. Go to the applications view, highlight an application and right-click. Then select Custom Properties


4. Now can enter a value in one of the five custom properties fields


If you need to go back to the configuration of a custom properties field, you can just click Manage properties from here.

5. Now you’re able to sort and organize your managed applications by your own properties.



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