triCerat Releases Simplify Suite v5.5

triCerat has released Simplify Suite v5.5 with some new features, including offline support.

Simplify Suite® v5.5 manages any print environment, deploys desktops, controls application access, reduces logon times, manages personalization for large numbers of virtual desktops, and delivers accurate profile information to the right user at every logon session, regardless of location,” says triCerat’s VP of Product Engineering, Andrew Parlette.

triCerat’s Simplify Profiles® software, which provides the profile management aspect in the Simplify Suite® v5.5 software offering, now includes a much-anticipated offline mode that allows laptop users that go offline to experience the benefits of improved system stability and reliability, decreased logon/logoff times, enhanced user satisfaction, and reduced help desk calls and support costs.

In addition, the new version of the Simplify Suite® software features:
• ADMX template support, which allows current group policy settings to be automatically re-used. By creating and saving templates when configuring the Simplify Profiles® software, ADMX template support eliminates any time wasted by system administrators duplicating configured settings.
• Support for Advanced Print Features, including configuration of print settings such as finishing options and secure print for print server-based printers. It also supports the latest universal print drivers from Xerox, HP, Canon, Lexmark, Ricoh, and Lanier.
According to Parlette, the Simplify Suite® software has the flexibility to give users a highly customized and predictable desktop environment, which in turn increases work productivity and overall satisfaction.


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