VKernel Announces Ins and Outs of IOPS White Paper

VKernel's new white paper "Ins and Outs of IOPS" is a guide to help IT administrators gain a better understanding of IOPS, storage I/O and the impact storage has on non-virtualized and virtualized performance.

IT admins will learn about storage performance measurements, metrics and tuning techniques as well as troubleshooting techniques for performance problems or unexpected latency on a shared storage solution. IT admins will also gain insight into how to evaluate their environment during implementation or expansion of their existing storage in order to make appropriate allocation decisions for optimal performance.

The whitepaper is written by VKernel Senior Systems Engineer, Brad Bonn, and can be downloaded at:
A free trial of VKernel’s vOPS Storage Monitor which provides end-to-end visibility of storage infrastructure, alarms, and performance metrics from VM to spindle can be easily downloaded at


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