Microsoft App-V 5.0 Beta overview

As you probably know, Microsoft recently released App-V 5.0. This article best describes what is new.

With this release, there are some new features, which include.

  • Flexible virtualization choices let virtual applications work more like traditionally installed applications, allowing local and virtual applications to communicate and enabling control of which virtual applications can share environments.
  • There’s no dedicated drive letter required, and no 4 gigabyte maximum package size. It’s easy for IT to work with and take action on App-V diagnostic information because App-V logs Windows events instead of separate log files.
  • Easy and efficient to use in VDI environments, allowing IT to make the best use of expensive disk resources without changing the way they get their jobs done.
  • Web-based management makes it easy for busy IT professionals to get their work done while away from their desk.

Now in human language Glimlach

  • The management/streaming server is still there!
  • RTSP is gone. SMB and HTTP(s) streaming only. Which is fine by me. I liked HTTP streaming more anyway.
  • New management console for management server, no longer MMC snap-in. Now purely based on Silverlight.
  • No more “Q:” drive, you will be able to just see the files on disk from the outside.
  • Completely revamped client (Metro style), programmable using PowerShell.
  • The Sequencer is pretty much the same as 4.6 SP1
  • And last but not least the package format SFT is gone, and so are the OSD and ICO files. Everything will be stored in a new .APPV file format.

The .APPV file is actually a much more open format then the “old” .SFT file.

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