Virtual Machine Manager Configuration Analyzer (VMMCA) to resolve common issues

The VMMCA is your first line of defense in troubleshooting an issue in the System Center 2012 – Virtual Machine Manager environment. VMMCA is a diagnostic tool you can use to evaluate important configuration settings for computers that are either running VMM server roles or are acting as virtual machine hosts

The VMMCA scans the hardware and software configurations of the computers you specify, evaluates them against a set of predefined rules, and then provides you with error messages and warnings for any configurations that are not optimal for the VMM role or other VMM function that you have specified for the computer.

Note The VMMCA does not duplicate or replace the prerequisite checks performed during the setup of VMM 2008, VMM 2008 R2, or 2008 R2 SP1 components.
Before installing VMM, you can use the VMMCA to help you evaluate the configuration of computers that you might use for the following VMM roles:

  • VMM server
  • VMM Administrator Console
  • VMM Self-Service Portal

After installing VMM, you can use the VMMCA to evaluate the configurations of computers that you are now using or might use for the VMM roles listed above, as well as computers that you are using or might use for any of the following VMM functions:

  • Windows Server–based host
  • VMware Virtual Center Server
  • P2V source computer
  • Operations Manager agent


    • You can run VMMCA on a computer that is running the VMM Console or on the VMM management server.
    • You should use this version of the VMMCA with System Center 2012- Virtual Machine Manager only. For VMM 2008, VMM 2008 R2, and VMM 2008 R2 SP1, utilize the version found here.


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