Product Release: Dell vWorkspace Connector for Linux version 7.6

Dell releases the Dell vWorkspace Connector for Linux version 7.6. This connector allows users to establish a connection to a remote virtual desktop from any number of Linux platforms.

In addition to supporting vWorkspace RDP acceleration technologies, such as EOP Xtream and Flash Acceleration, we have added the following new features:

  • vWorkspace Broker Authentication- The Linux Connector now supports connections through vWorkspace Secure Gateway with Broker Authentication enabled. This feature provides increased security for remote connections.

  • User Workspace Context- vWorkspace provides the ability the assign resources such as printers, desktop polices and published desktops to tiered targets. These advanced targets are Boolean combinations of connection conditions such as membership of a specific AD user group and/or specific versions of the vWorkspace Connectors. The resource will be applied to the user's connection when the conditions are met. To support Advanced Targeting the Connector must report the proper information to the vWorkspace broker. The Connector for Linux 7.6 now does so and can be specified in an Advanced Target Condition of the vWorkspace console.

  • Support for Remote Graphics Software (RGS)  - Certain applications have heavy graphic requirements that can be met by implementing RGS in a Dell vWorkspace solution. The Connector for Linux now allows users to connect to their virtual desktops using the RGS protocol.

  • Updated Virtual USB hub- The Virtual USB Hub (USB Redirector) has been improved in the Linux Connector to include a Graphic User Interface for configuring USB devices to be shared with the remote virtual desktop.

  • Added SUSE support- SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop version 11 has been added to the list of supported platforms for this Connector. This list also includes Ubuntu 10.04 and 12.04 LTS, Red Hat 6.0, Debian 6.0 and CentOS 6.3.

The Dell vWorkspace Connector for Linux v7.6 download package can be obtained from the vWorkspace trial software page by clicking the Try link or


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