Terminal Services Log 4.0 Released

Acceleratio has released Terminal Services Log 4.0.2.  This is the 4th major release of  the Terminal Services Log with a number of new features and enhancements.

New Terminal Services Log Editions
  • Datacenter Edition  - Ideal for data centers with many servers. In addition to all the Enterprise Edition features it offers load balancing on top for high availability and load balancing between different agents.
  • TSL Web UI - Access all the application reports using web browser on your mobile phone, tablet or a personal computer. Monitor your servers from wherever you are. Download TSL Web Application

New Features
  • New User Interface - In version 4.0 we have completely redesigned the user interface, all the reports, grids and overall navigation.
  • Dashboard Management  - Use System Dashboards to quickly examine your servers status or create Custom Dashboards that will better suit your requirements.
  • Asset Management  - Use the Server Assets system job for the easy overview of the servers hard drives, network adapters, processors, programs and printers.
  • Performance Counters  Management - Select which Performance Counters to monitor using user friendly manager and check out or new Network Performance Counters reports.
  • Microsoft Office License Monitoring  - Monitor Microsoft Office licenses used on your servers.
  • Resource Cost Overview Report  - Enter the resource price through the User Management and use this report to see what are your cost expenses.
  • Agent Load Balancing (Only in the Datacenter Edition)  - Install Terminal Services Log Datacenter Edition on one central server and additional agents on other servers to distribute data collection and improve the performance.  TSL Agents will gather information from the remote servers automatically and Terminal Services Log will internally take care of all load balancing hard work. Download Datacenter Agent
  • Load Event Log History  – Load user logins  for the period when your Terminal Services Log application wasn’t  even installed.
  • Blocked IP Addresses Report  - Get an easy overview of  the malicious IP addresses that are constantly attacking your server using this new audit feature.


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