Teradici ‘Arch’ Tech Preview offers PCoIP for RD Session Host

Teradici Arch is a software-based solution for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services that uses the high-performance PCoIP protocol as an alternative to Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), enabling a better user experience and access to the entire PCoIP ecosystem.

Simplify mixed VMware View VDI and Microsoft RDS desktop environments

Teradici Arch published desktop is an ideal solution for enterprises with mixed deployments of VMware View VDI desktops and Microsoft RDS sessions as it enables companies to:

  • replace RDP with PCoIP for View brokered RDS or terminal services connections
  • optimize network infrastructure on a single protocol: PCoIP
  • manage all end-point devices from a single provisioning interface and as a single pool of assets
  • standardize on PCoIP zero clients to reduce both TCO and security exposure of the end-points
Improve end-user experience over any network

Teradici’s adaptive PCoIP protocol provides a true PC experience and is recognized as one of the leading desktop remoting protocols.

  • Deliver rich, interactive user experience over LAN, WAN and wireless networks
  • Confidently extend Microsoft RDS published desktops to WAN and remote office use cases
Access the extensive PCoIP ecosystem

Teradici Arch replaces RDP at the frame buffer level with the high performance PCoIP protocol enabling access to:



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