Jo Harder at the Virtualization Practice has written an article that discusses how she thinks that the events from this year will impact Citrix and VMware as they compete.

Looking back over the past year, we see that 2015 brought numerous unexpected twists and turns for both Citrix and VMware, and each excelled in different ways. No one expected VMware to be acquired by Dell, nor was the disruption by Elliott Management foreseen on the Citrix calendar of events. The full impact of both of these drastic changes will have an even greater impact in 2016.

Going into next year, the battle for application and desktop virtualization supremacy will hit new levels. In addition to competing via pricing incentives, it is likely that Citrix and VMware will be competing on new levels. While there was some mudslinging in 2015, it will no doubt increase in 2016 as the competition intensifies. Customers will be caught in the middle and will be able to secure the best deals as a result of the competition.

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