VMware teams up with Intel Security (aka McAfee) to secure mobile EUC

As I predicted in my article about how security will have a great impact on EUC in 2016 ( and know I did not have insider knowledge) VMware is creating offerings to improve security in EUC. VMware is teaming up with Intel Security (formerly McAfee) to better enable the flow of information from the mobile arena into overarching security management tools in order to help eliminate the "mobile blind spot" that currently exists in many enterprise security infrastructures.



As part of this collaboration, VMware has become a member of the Intel Security Innovation Alliance, while Intel Security has joined the AirWatch Mobile Security Alliance.

Both initiatives revolve around mobile security but have slightly differing aims and objectives. The Intel Security Innovation Alliance is aimed at driving the interoperability of solutions developed by Intel Security and its partners, based around the sharing of data via the McAfee Data Exchange Layer.

The AirWatch Mobile Security Alliance is focused on reducing the complexity of mobile security implementation, with a view to allowing organisations to focus on delivering enterprise mobility rather than dealing with the ever-changing complexities of managing and securing mobile devices.

The two firms said that the new partnership will aim to address three vital areas of enterprise security: data protection; threat detection and prevention; and security management.


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