How to Deploy VMs Using Azure Resource Manager

This article shows you how to deploy a new Azure VM running Windows Server 2012 R2 using Resource Manager in the preview portal.

If you have any experience deploying VMs in Microsoft Azure, you’ll probably have come across the concept of cloud services and resource groups (RGs). Azure Service Manager uses cloud services as hosting containers, but Azure Resource Manager (ARM) uses RGs instead, which can span multiple Azure regions and contain related VMs, websites, IP addresses, databases, virtual network interfaces (NICs) etc.

Choose a size for the VM (Image Credit: Russell Smith)

The key advantage of ARM over the classic Azure Service Manager model is that applications can be deployed in the cloud in a single click across multiple regions.

As you’ll see in this demonstration, unlike the Azure Service Manager, in one operation ARM allows you to deploy a working cloud app along with all the necessary components, such as virtual networks, VMs, and public IP addresses.

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