Details of AVC 444 mode in RDP 10

The Microsoft Remote Desktop team has blogged about the new RDP 10 codec in RDP10 how it will improve the user experience.

These are the  graphics remoting enhancements Microsoft made to the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) version 10 which shipped with theWindows 10 1511 update and the Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 4, both released in November 2015.

AVC 444 mode


In RDP 10 Microsoft solved the challenge to get 4:4:4 quality text with 4:2:0 hardware encoders / decoders. This improves the user experiences when there text being shown, it removes the 'halo'.


In addition, with the AVC 444 mode we were able to improve the frame throughput significantly, for example with 1440p we can achieve a consistent frame rates of up to 50 fps on standard hardware.

In which RDP 10 Remote Desktop scenarios is the AVC 444 mode available?

Today, the AVC444 mode is enabled by default for all RemoteFX vGPU scenarios which use RDP 10 on Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 4. The built-in Windows 10 Remote Desktop client (MSTSC.EXE) is currently the only client that has support for AVC444 but we are planning to add this mode to our other remote desktop clients for Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Windows Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Windows Phone in the future as well.

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