Results of ‘VMware vs Citrix’ poll, so far

About two weeks ago, for fun, I added a poll here on "who was the future, VMware or Citrix". The results so far are very interesting.

It is safe to say that a ton of stuff has changed in our End User Computing industry over the last 3-5 years. One of the things that stands out for me are the inroads that VMware appears to have been making in the realm of End User Computing. Some analysts say it is mostly at the expense of Citrix. Some say VMware just quickly moved on replicating basic functionality quickly and that the real challenge is yet to come.

Whatever the case, take a look at the results so far:

Who has the future, Citrix or VMware?

Obviously the score is very close, but for me it is still is very interesting. This website has been around for the last 13 years or so and for the largest majority of the time all new content covered here was Citrix related - and as such all the visitors were Citrix minded yet in this poll the readers seem to think that VMware has the future.

Think that is wrong? Don't worry - there is still time to cast your vote if you have not already:

Analysts say VMware is advancing in End User Computing at the expense of Citrix. Simple question: give your kneejerk reaction- who's the future VMware or Citrix?


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  1. I think that 2015 was a volatile year for Citrix and certainly many Citrix customers may be doubting Citrix has what it takes to defend the leadership role in this space against VMware’s good enough advances with Horizon. 2016 has so far revealed a new Citrix, with new leadership, and a renewed focus on its core products with a release of XA/XD 7.8. Will this be enough to beat back VMware where it counts, sales and marketing? Citrix has constantly lost in this space when comparing the two company’s teams. VMware sales reps have better relationships with their server virtualization customers than Citrix has had with their desktop virtualization customers. So the VMware product stack in a company tends to be more influential than the desktop virtualization teams, IMHO. Same with the BigIP/Cisco teams versus Citrix selling NetScaler’s. They need customers ‘willing’ to listen and look at the specs to realize that the NetScaler is, and has been, a compelling product.

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