New: VMware User Environment Manager Configuration Templates

VMware has announced that they are starting to provide UEM Templates on a VMware community site. UEM Templates are basically preconfigured settings for certain apps so you don't have to figure out which registry keys and files/folders you need to capture.Although it is not difficult to create  configuration files using the built-in templates or with the VMware User Environment Application Profiler, it is always easier to see if there is a template available. VMware has created a special  UEM Templates site. These are the templates available today:


As you can see there are not a whole lot yet but I am sure that VMware hopes the community will add templates. Templates seem like Meh but are very valuable to customers. RES ONE Workspace has hundreds of templates that are maintained by a dedicated team and they are very much appreciated by RES customers.

To use these templates, first, go to the UEM Templates site, where you can choose from a repository of several templates that are already available. As soon you download the UEM configuration files necessary for your environment, you’ll need to unzip these files and copy the templates to the location where you keep your other UEM Configuration files

This location can easily be found; just go to your UEM management console and push the “configure” button.uem configuration vmware

2.  Browse to this UEM Configuration share, and copy the unzipped files to a folder under the General folder, shown in the screenshot below as “Applications.”
uem configuration files download copy vmware3.  After you copy the UEM Configuration files, you can go back to the UEM management console and push the “Refresh Tree” button. The downloaded UEM configuration files will then show up in the folder where you copied them.

uem configuration settings vmware directflex4.  That’s it! From now on, settings will be saved for your users when they log off their session or when they close an application, if DirectFlex is enabled.


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